The cleanest or greenest energy is the energy that is never used

The cleanest or greenest energy is the energy that is never used. The Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc is helping to reduce carbon emissions within the UK. Investing in energy efficient projects that are crucial for the transition to a low carbon economy and to achieve the UK's net zero targets, whilst targeting an attractive, long-term income source with a positive impact for our shareholders.

Energy efficiency: the goal to use less energy to provide the same output, thereby reducing energy waste.


Through our investments of private capital into an underfunded sector, we can achieve a highly positive social impact while at the same time generate a strong sustainable financial return for investors.

Environmental Benefits

Supports a cleaner environment 

Helps mitigate and fight climate change

Energy Benefits

Gives greater energy security 

Addresses the energy burden

Supports the energy transition

Reduces potential of energy poverty

Reduces the need for energy generation

Economic Benefits

Creates jobs

Drives innovation and productivity

Saves consumers, businesses and governments money

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